Balanced Health Solutions - Kimberly D. Balas, PhD, ND
About Dr. Balas
Kimberly Balas is a board certified naturopathic physician with a PhD in Bioresource engineering and a PhD in Nutrition. She has a previous background in aerospace engineering while working at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Dr. Balas is an international lecturer, instructor and author. She conducts research and data analysis on many natural products, equipment and software development as well as formulating health products for a variety of companies.  Dr. Balas is a member of several organizations where she has served as a board member for numerous ones.
About Valerie Fowles

My journey in natural health began with my childhood growing up in Utah.  My mother was very much into nutrition and supplements.  Growing up, I could see that our health was always much better than the average kid who was always rushed to the doctor.  I developed a fascination with plants and their properties later in my life and became part of the Natrona County Master Gardner’s Program.  The medicinal properties of many of our everyday spices, plants and even weeds amazed me.  Although, still not as strong as medications, I found that my family benefited from the immense healing properties.  Having worked in a toxic environment of painting, I had to learn to build my immune system to cope.  I started studying how all of the immune principles can affect health, including the emotional aspect.  Bringing this to the forefront with my herbal background, I began to notice in others what potentially affected their healing process.  My formal education is being a mom and looking for all the best answers for my family in every arena possible.  My darling granddaughter was a great teacher for me.  I worked with her immune in all the ways I knew how and it just wasn’t the complete answer.  I began studying how emotional factors can deplete our physical being.  Because we are all one being of body, mind and spirit it makes sense that all of these have to be addressed to have complete balance.  By completing my training and certification in the Simply Healed ® Method, I learned how relevant emotions can be in all healing properties.  Now, I am very enthusiastic to help others learn their full healing potential and Re-Lease old patterns and negative behaviors to improve many aspects of their life as a whole.

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