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Biochemical Blood Analysis

Have you ever wondered what all those numbers on those blood tests mean?
Balance your health, nutrition and supplements through a simple evaluation of your blood.Understand how typical blood test can provide insights to each body system and preventative methods to achieve an optimal state of health.  Learn to use a standard blood test to determine health risks and how to see illnesses before symptoms develop.See how the glandular system influences the blood, hormone production and other organ functions.  Find out how to successfully balance each body system and rebuild the weakest links.You will be able to understand which supplement to choose with confidence and what they are doing to shift chemistries in the body.  You will actually be able to prove that the supplement program you suggest is working.
  • Understand why the normal ranges aren't sufficient 
  • How to determine which organ or gland is being affected by the blood chemistry
  •  Learn which supplements will bring these organs/glands back to balance and show improvement on actual blood work
  • Understand when to use an overall building or cleansing program
  • See a bigger picture of the root cause of all imbalances
  • Develop a nutrient program that works specifically for your body

Simply Healing® Method

Cutting edge research is essential in science and physiological healing.  We have gained insights into many healing modalities and medications -hat have made life-changing differences for many.
Being stressed or overwhelmed can impede our physical healing as well.  What is available for emotional health?  The cutting edge research for emotional healing being used is The Simply Healed Method®. Many clients report profound and life-changing results.

The Simply Healing Method® in non-invasive and proven to be effective in addressing emotional trauma, energetic connections, fears, phobias, emotional genetic coding and more.  This technique blends emotional healing with physical progress to enhance your health accomplishments.

Don’t spend years coming to terms with painful or challenging past situations.  Begin your Re-lease™ journey today and discover a new you!

Fill out information in the "Contact Us" section or call us at 307-277-2466 to set up your appointment.  Sessions begin at $80.

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